Make Sure Your Friendly Window Cleaner Can Do These Things Too

window cleaner

Hello, and with a smile at your front door, he has finally arrived! With buckets, ladders, mops and sophisticated sponge brushes with long handles, and long ladders, as well as eco-friendly cleaning detergents, your friendly window cleaner has finally arrived at your front door. So, hip-hip hooray to you then!

The help has finally arrived! But not just any help, good, clean and professional service with a mixed bag of youth and experience and all and sundry well and truly covered with good liability insurance. The two million liability ensures that there will be no losses incurred on your side should any accidents or breakages occur.

Finally! At last! The windows are finally going to see a ray of sunshine once all the dust and grime has been thoroughly washed away. Or is it still raining? Oh well, then. But never mind, once the weather has cleared, all will be well. Your friendly window cleaner will do a good and proper job. You must just excuse the exuberance of his more than willing apprentice. Never you mind that either because this lad is being trained like a pro and will be watched with a beady eye with each and every step of the ladder the young chap climbs.

You need this sort of service because the agile fellow can reach those hard to reach places. Then again, it’s not really the case, because those hard to reach places, as you would imagine, are being covered by those fine, long-handled innovative cleaning implements. In its own excitement, this note could easily get carried away too. So before it does, and before it forgets, let it quickly remind you that there is still more that meets the eye where your alarmingly friendly window cleaner is concerned.

This gentleman and his team are cleaning out gutters and eavestrough as well! Wonderful! Finally, after the rough storms you’ve been having, those leaves, and the muck and grime is finally going to go. You would do the job yourself, but here you have done the right thing. Rather be safe than sorry. It’s those hard to reach places again, you see. Leave it up to the professionals to do the job good and proper and for once and for all.

Speaking of which, and fortunately, the seasons come and go only once a year. As soon as winter has passed you by, single out your friendly window cleaner to do his annual inspection, maintenance and cleaning job on your gutters and eavestrough. The job gets done well enough, so the recommended annual service should suffice and serve you well.

Maintenance work on the gutters will include proper sealing of leaks. Only a good quality sealant will be used. As for the windows and glass doors and mirrors, only environmentally friendly cleaning detergents are being used. You see, folks, even the friendly cleaner’s detergents and materials are friendly. Gosh! What a friendly business then.